Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women



Kind, inspiring, strong and genuine women shared their beautiful posts with HCM for International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2021. Each one of them decided to #choosetochallenge. HCM Lifestyle’s Women’s Day Everyday shows the power of women supporting others. We are not just a movement. HCM is reminding one another we are here for endless support, guidance and acceptance. Love yourself. Love your fellow women. We are equal. And we are stronger together.



A beautiful message from a woman who has helped so many women in multiple ways and will continue to help many more! Thanks @franmaestrello for sharing with us. 💜



When I think about International Women’s day, I start with my mom! She has overcome so many obstacles and been challenged in so many ways from immigrating to Canada, to becoming a nurse, she constantly shows me resilience and strength! She has shown me that my dreams are limitless. Completing a degree in criminal justice and now social work, I know that I will help make space for healthy and safe spaces for women in this world!



Fran Maestrello




I continue to grow as a person and as a woman, I have recently started a business and soon to be a new graduate I can’t wait for what comes next! Women are awesome and so strong! They are some of the most resilient people I know! I am proud to be a woman! I believe allowing open and healthy conversations with young women like myself is so important in creating self confidence and self love! Happy International Women’s Day.


Love Yourself & Others





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