10 Tips to Clear Out Clutter

10 Tips to Clear Out Clutter

10 Tips to Clear Out Clutter

Tired of tripping over shoes when you walk through the door, not being able to move when you go into the basement, or being frustrated with full countertops and kitchen tables? As a new season is here, what better time than to rid your house of clutter?


It is important to realize that clutter is much more than an invasion of physical space. Rather, the invasion transfers into your mental and emotional self and your social relationships. Clutter creates a sense of anxiety and like you don’t have control. How can I have so many books? Where did I put that piece of paper? I can’t have people over with the house looking like this! All of these thoughts create an unsettling uneasiness. HCM Lifestyle wants to see you happy and in love with their home. We want a space just for you and your family that light can shine in on all that is positive in your life.





Let us share with you 10 tricks to end the clutter and start feeling like you’re back in control.

1. Purge

The number one way to get rid of clutter is to PURGE. The more stuff you have, the less you are able to enjoy what you really love. Go through clothes, shoes, dish ware, EVERYTHING and get rid of what doesn’t bring you true happiness.




2. Clear the closet air

If your closets are full you may feel overwhelmed getting dressed in the morning. Take one hour and go through your closet with an objective mind. If you don’t wear it then donate it or toss it. After you have what you love, flip the hanger after every time you wear something. After three months, whatever isn’t flipped shows what you don’t wear. Inevitably, you are lead to know what you like and what has had its day.





3. Clear the Floors

A clean floor is like a clean slate. You will be able to move around freely. Take a minute every morning and night and clear the floors of dirty laundry and shoes.






4. Leave nothing out on the table

Let it out on the table? Maybe that applies to a tough negotiation, but when it comes to a tidy house that is not the motto. Give yourself ten minutes and go around and clear off the tables. You’ll be hooked at all the clean space.





5. Close cupboards and closets

Create a neat and streamlined space simply from straightening the kitchen table chairs and closing all the drawers and cupboards. If you’re going to leave them open it better be to show off how tidy they are!



6. Empty the Sink

A sink full of dirty dishes instantly makes the kitchen look messy. Take five minutes and do the dishes every night before bed. That way when you wake up in the morning it’s a fresh and clean start to the day!


7. Use Bins and baskets

Sort DVDs, mittens and toques, coupons and anything other small trinkets into separate bins. Shoe boxes and Tupperware work great so don’t worry about going out and buying fancy bins.


8. What’s yours is yours

Having the whole families belongings out on display isn’t necessary. Your spouse and children, and yourself if you are guilty, need to put what’s theirs in their own room. When kids get home from school their backpacks go in their room just as your gym bag or your hubby’s briefcase should.


9. You can only hold onto so many sentimental items

There is only so many items you can hold on to and truly appreciate them for what they really are. You will get joy by donating something to someone who can get more use out of it. Or if it’s a picture your child made put it in an album and store in a keepsake chest for them. Things will come and go but memories will stay forever. When in doubt throw it out.




10. Family To Do List

This is not a one man job. The whole family needs to be on board and fully supportive. Create a ’10 Steps to Happiness’ list for your household. Steps such as empty the dishwasher, jhang up coats and backpacks, put away your laundry- will help keep the household clear. When these tasks are spread throughout the family everyone is pitching in for a clutter free home.




Love your home, your belongings and love yourself!


Let us know how these tips work for you. Share your experience at hcmlifestyle@gmail.com. Or post on social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr- and tag @hcmlifestyle.com 

We look forward to helping you declutter your life!


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