15 Minutes to a New You

15 Minutes to a New You


15 minutes to a new you. Yes you heard me right! 15 minutes is all it takes to feel refreshed and renewed. How do you do it?


Take a break!

Yes as simple as a break will deliver a new you. Often we become so busy or occupied that we take no time for ourselves. However, a quick 15 minutes of stepping back and taking a deep breath lets you see everything with a fresh perspective.




So lets begin.

Stop what you are doing (other than reading the rest of this blog), put on your favourite song, close your eyes and lay down somewhere soft. Take big breaths in and out. Let your mind be free.



Enjoy your down time. Remember even if you can’t get 15 minutes in, 2 minutes can do wonders.


When you are done-take however long you feel fit-you should feel refreshed. This is a simple exercise but by doing this every few days, or even once a day if you can, you will feel amazing.





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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg



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