21 Ways to A Happy You

21 Ways to A Happy You





Be the leader of the life you are meant to live, not the fighter

Flow with the stream of life, paddling upstream takes too much work

Live the life you were created for, not what you think you should do

Give of service that fills you and those around you

An imperfection is not your reflection 

Set free what no longer has a purpose to you

See the world in abundance rather than scarcity

Smile-it let’s you find happiness right under your nose

Be a sweet honey humble bumble bee

Act as if love is the only emotion you know

Laugh- it makes everything seem less scary

Dream in the day




Your support network is why you are where you are- give this support back tenfold 

Motivate yourself and others to be the best version of themselves

Grow everyday-mental, emotional, social, spiritual, physical 

An imperfection is not your reflection

Inspire others in every action you take

The more you show gratitude, the more you will be given to be grateful for 




Show empathy-everyone has a story, take the time to hear, feel and be part of it 

Let your smile change the world

Your background and circumstances may impact who you are, but they do not reflect who you can become



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By HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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