7 Things To Remember

7 Things To Remember



7 things



What are 7 things you should remember? Get ready.


  1. Someone loves you and you love someone else.
  2. When you laugh the world is brighter.
  3. Amazing. That is you.
  4. Every effort you give matters.
  5. You are appreciated.
  6. Setbacks make us even more likely to succeed.
  7. You have touched someone’s life.


So these 7 things will make a difference in how you see yourself and others. Remembering even one of these points each day will make your day that much brighter. Tell yourself at least one thing of this list. Or pass it on to someone you love and watch how happy they become. Simple things like this list can make someone smile when they feel down.


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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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