Be Vulnerable


I have always found it funny the atmosphere in the yoga change room after a class.

For the last sixty minutes, 20 plus people were in a small room exposing themselves in such vulnerable positions. Bending down with their butts in the air, opening up their chest for all to see-basically just letting it all go.

Yet once the class ends, everyone walks out, puts on their clothes and leaves. The room is so quiet, any words are just a whisper. Why is this? Maybe it is that people are still off in a distant land or feel too relaxed to talk.

There is nothing wrong with people talking or not. However, it is important to remember that the calmness and vulnerability created in yoga, should last long after the class. Be open, show your true colours and let yourself be free!

There is a reason yoga feels so good, so feel this way all the time!


What makes you vulnerable or when is a time you want to be more vulnerable?

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Remember, the best version of yourself is your true and whole self.


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