Did You Know that You are Rich?

Did You Know that You are Rich?


You are rich. Yes you heard me. You are rich beyond measure.




Your cash flow may vary and your bank accounts will fluctuate. However, life is a continuous flow of blessings, joys, pleasures and opportunities. When each one of these comes into your life- think of it as a payday. Because after all, life is a payday everyday.






And better yet, to receive this ‘pay’ all you have to do is be grateful, kind and take advantage of opportunities that come your way. By doing these three things, life’s riches will be coming at you from all directions.

So when you are stuck in a funk-take a step back at look at your account. What joys, possibilities and blessings will make your day rich? Now go and embrace them!



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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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