Enabler Isn’t A Dirty Word

Enabler Isn’t A Dirty Word



When we hear enabler it often brings to mind thoughts of someone who encourages negative behaviour or actions.

However, instead this word could be used for someone who helps initiate positive actions. For example, you could be help enable volunteering in your town. Or of success.


What would an enabler of success look like?

Well it is someone who is willing to break down obstacles and put in the hard work to get a result. An enabler of success is someone who takes action. They use the word yes instead of no. This person of success moves forward after hardships and trials. They rejoice in tribulations and use that feeling for fuel for the next success.

So you can help enable positive results. This is not a dirty word. I encourage you to be an enabler of success in all areas of your life. This can be in your work life, relationships, fitness routine or self-care regime.

Success will come when your determination and passion are what fuels your engine!


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