Here’s to You Strong Women

Here’s to You Strong Women




Kind, inspiring, strong and genuine women shared their beautiful posts with HCM for International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2021. These women all #choosetochallenge. HCM Lifestyle’s Women’s Day Everyday shows the power of women supporting women. We are not just a movement. HCM is reminding one another we are here for endless support, guidance and acceptance. Love yourself. Love your fellow women. We are equal. And we are stronger together. So choose to Challenge.








Thank you @cortfeely for reminding us all how strong we are.



When I was asked to write something for International Women’s Day I literally had a dozen pages jotted down in minutes, I didn’t realize how passionate I am about being a woman and I guess I have a lot to say! I’ll try and keep this short and sweet!



For me, and I think for a lot of other women, this last year has taught us a lot about ourselves. We’re realizing where our values lie, how our time is spent, what our energy is being wasted on, and how we want to live our lives. The pandemic has also helped us realize what we are capable of.



I’ve seen so many women start their own businesses, raise their children alone and isolated, keep business’ afloat without help, bring life into a world of uncertainty, and take on the role of teacher along with mother too. We’ve realized how strong, resilient, smart and powerful we are. There is a sense of fear spread out across the world right now, yet, I have never seen more women living their dreams, in spite of their fears.




cort feely




For women everywhere I #choosetochallenge myself everyday, to chase my dreams, to keep doing the work, so that we break the cycle for our future generations, so that we raise strong girls to become strong women.


I hope we break down the barriers that confine women all over the world.


I hope we love ourselves so deeply that the next generation wakes up every morning and only compares herself to who she was the day before and not who she sees behind the filters.


I hope that girls and women everywhere know their worth isn’t measured by their size, weight, beauty, or achievements, that they know their worth comes from inside and to be uniquely themselves.


#choosetochallenge the status quo, the norm, to be different, to be kind, to be connected, to be authentically you, to be exactly who you were meant to be.



On this International Women’s Day here’s to 𝗔𝗟𝗟 the women in this world who are strong enough to change, strong enough to start, strong enough to continue on, strong enough to let go, strong enough to create, strong enough to be different, strong enough to break down barriers, and strong enough to be free. Here’s to you.




Here’s to You Beautiful






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