How to do a Simple Act of Kindness Everyday

How to do a Simple Act of Kindness Everyday



A simple act of kindness everyday, goes a very long way. This is something my Mom and Grandma taught me from a very young age. Whether it was smiling to a stranger, helping a friend fix something, or picking up litter. No matter how big or small, my Mom and Grandma always taught me that being kind is the best thing to do.





Kindness is simple. You do not have to spend money, take up large amounts of time or travel far away. Kindness starts in on your face and in your home. In fact, being kind starts in your head. If you think kind thoughts, you will create a kind world.


So how to do a simple act of kindness everyday?


Send a positive message to a friend who needs a pick me up. Call a family member to check-in. Pick up garbage as you walk down the street. Go for coffee with a neighbour. Smile at every person you see today.




The options to be kind are endless. So please, be kind and love lots. Our world becomes more positive with every act of kindness.



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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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