How to Electronically Disconnect

How to Electronically Disconnect

How to Electronically Disconnect


I am not here to tell you to stop using your phone or computer. Technology has helped our world connect and grow in wonderful ways. However, there are times when it is important to know how to electronically disconnect. For example, having a conversation with your friend and constantly checking your phone appears that you are uninterested. Therefore, I am going to share three practices you can do to know how to electronically disconnect.






1) Put Your Phone In Your Pocket or Bag

When we have our phone in front of us it is easy to constantly check it. Putting it in your pocket or bag puts it out of sight. It is true-out of sight = out of mind. (To an extent).



2) Set Situations When You Do Not Use Your Phone

Coffee with friends, eating dinner or an office meeting are situations where you should not be on your phone. These are times that it is important to be mindful and present. When you electronically disconnect you will show respect and make the most of your time.





3) Find Something Else to Do

How often do you look at your phone just because you are bored? Instead of resorting to your phone do something else. Talk to the person next to you, get up and go for a walk, or open a book. You may realize there is many more interesting things to see or hear than what your phone can give you.





Of course our phones and computers are important for connecting, work and entertainment. However they are not the end all be all. So it does not mean it is wrong to look at your phone, but let’s make sure we look at the people sitting across from us too.


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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg


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