How to Store Items When Living In A Small Place

How to Store Items When Living In A Small Place

How to Store Items When Living In A Small Place


Storing In Small Spaces


I lived in 264 square feet so being the organized person I am I needed to become very inventive with my space. I become aware of everything  in my apartment and did not have a single item (including clothes) that did not serve a purpose. I only had what I used and loved. No matter how much space you have, you should only have items you love and use. If not than the items are wasting space.

Readers like blank spaces on pages because it easier on their eyes. White and empty spaces in your home are pleasing to the eye as well.


3 Items to Store When Living In A Small Space


1) Spices



I stored spices in my dishwasher. Living alone I always used the same bowl, cup and spoon so I hand washed everything. This was a choice I made both out of convenience, preference and I knew the dishwasher would be a better use of storage since I had limited cupboards.


I stored tinfoil, plastic wrap, plastic bags, straws and tea on the bottom shelf. Depending on the size of your dishwasher the bottom shelf works well to store paper towel

The top shelf worked excellent to store spices and condiments

  • Plate racks divide each bagged spices
  • Sides (where cups go) is for spices in containers 
  • Sides also work for storing coconut oil, peanut butter and other condiments 


2) Tea



  1. Cut out the front of a tea box (a larger box that contains roughly 70+ tea bags)
  2. Place all of the tea bags right side up
  • You have a bird’s eye view of the amount of tea bags you have and the kind of the tea.
  • If you have other kinds of tea from different boxes you can also store them in here.


3) Pots and Pans



Storing pots and pans in the oven kept them out of sight and kept my apartment looking clean. I placed them on top of the stove while I cooked. When the over cooled off I put them back in.

Even if you are a person who uses your oven daily, you can neatly having the pots inside the pans (all arranged to size-the smaller inside the larger). This makes it is quick and easy to take the pots and pans in and out of the oven as you cook.


Be sure to share your story with us! How do you organize small spaces? Let us know!



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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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