Irene Saved my Life

Irene Saved my Life

Back in the early 70’s when Hiway 9 had their depot on the edge of what was then the new Greentree subdivision my friends and I were peddling around the neighborhood on our Mustang bikes. For whatever reason we stopped at the Hiway 9 depot to hangout and I just happened to have a hard candy that I was eating in front of the depot. Now I don’t know if Irene was outside then or after I was in trouble but all I remember was choking on the candy and not breathing and Irene promptly gave me the heimlich maneuver literally saving my life! I was probably about 10 years old but I still vividly remember this event.
Thank you Mrs. KOHUT….seriously she made a difference! I cherish Irene’s memory!

Story By: Bryon Schwartz







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