My Angel in Heaven

My Angel In Heaven


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To My Angel In Heaven, Auntie Doreen.

Happy Birthday.



Memories come and memories go

But the ones with you I’ll always know


Looking back at the times when I was two

Staring up

And admiring you


Years passed by and I was four

Going to the dollar store

I couldn’t have asked for more


Now I was eight and a little bit taller

I hadn’t passed you yet

But I wasn’t much smaller


When I was ten

We’d chat and giggle

And tease Uncle Ben


It was awkward age at thirteen

But you always made me smile

And feel like a queen


Fourteen came and you passed on

But our love is forever

As if you’ve never been gone


I reached sixteen and started to drive

You would have been so proud

And thankful to arrive


At age eighteen I threw off my cap

But you were at my side

As my trustee guardian map


Twenty appeared and I was away from home

But you always said

It’s important to roam


Now I am twenty-two and have my degree

You are above smiling

And saying ‘Way to go Missy’


I do not know what my future will hold

But I will remember I am different like you

Ready to break the mold


My love is deep

My worries small

You are my angel

Helping me stand tall


I know you are at my side everyday

Showing me the beauty in life

In every single way


I love YOU



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Our loved ones who have passed on are with us every day. If you would like to share your story or remembrance of a loved one, email Our Angels inspire us everyday to become the best version of ourselves.


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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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