Scotland to Canada

Scotland to Canada


Scotland to Canada

The decision was easy to make after having three amazing holidays in Alberta, B.C, and Quebec. My stepfather, from Estevan Saskatchewan, asked if we wanted to move to Canada. I was bawling my eyes out leaving Canada on the return trip to Scotland because Canada was where I wanted to be.. “Absolutely “ I said.

We immediately started the process, my dad sponsoring us all, mum and my 2 sisters. In less than a year and a couple interviews at the Canadian Embassy, the letter came saying “you have to be in Canada before July 31 1987”. Family conversation – decisions – July 28 1987 was the day.

It was exciting but extremely emotional to say goodbye to family and friends. Lots of tears, farewell parties and broken hearts to see us go but all with love and best wishes.

Arriving in Edmonton

Arriving in Edmonton, we stayed with our aunt and uncle in Leduc until we found a house to buy. My uncle hired us at his business, Triple Arc Welding, doing odd jobs around the shop just so we could make some money. Two days after arriving the tornado hit Millwoods, Edmonton. We experienced the strong winds in Leduc, bending the trees in the yard and sucking the screens right out the window…WELCOME TO CANADA ?



We had to wait for social insurance numbers and healthcare. Before long we found a house near our relatives and moved in October.

I started applying for jobs and ended up joining the Militia band with my trumpet January 1988. I truly believed I was joining the Salvation Army band until recruitment day and then oh oh…. Oh well I love adventures, moving to Canada was huge, this was a minor challenge or so I thought until basic training lol. I survived and stayed in the militia for almost 3 years. I achieved my driving licence with service battalion, helped build a Bailey bridge with the engineers, worked in the armeries and traveled to Borden base in Ontario 3 years in a row. I loved it.

While being in the military part time

While being in the military part time I took my ski instructor course. I taught ski lessons at Rabbit Hill for 4 years. At the same time I worked as a part time Health care aide and waitress at a truck stop.

I started having a strong feelings that I had to to go back home. II was starting to get home sick around November. My mum and dad had left us so they could sell the home in Scotland and being just myself and my sister I was scared to have a social life and step into Canadian culture with the same braveheart that brought me here.

I finished my ski instructor job in April and found myself a piano teacher job for a music school called Lo Kno Pla. ( still worked my other jobs) it took a year and a half of saving before I got my first trip home for my friends wedding. In the mean time I whined to be back in Scotland, I missed it, my family and friends.

My plan

My plan – I’m moving back to Scotland. My plan after 2 weeks back.  I can’t wait to get back to Canada, sadly everyone’s life went on without me and it had changed. It would be wrong to move back. My eyes were opened to how amazing, beautiful and laid back a country I had found in Canada. Scotland will always be home in my heart but Canada is my home forever now.

I have been in Canada 30 years this year 2017 and still would never move back home. I have accomplished many things in those years including getting married and having 3 amazing children, a trip back home to complete my piano teacher diploma, becoming an LPN and Operating Room Technician. Volunteering for many community groups, homeschooling my children. Lived in Pincher creek and now Drumheller since 2000. It’s not easy to make such a huge change in your life, but a trip back home helped me realize I am where I want to be!

Tracy Kakuk


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  • Anna Marie Sweep Posted September 5, 2017 2:13 am

    What a wonderful story, enjoyed getting to know more about your life sweet Tracy ❤️
    You & Brian are very dear friends. Wishing All the best to you & all your family being Canadians Eh?🇨🇦

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