The Love Between T & K

The Love Between T & K

The Love Between T & K

A love that is true and here to stay



On July 11, 2020 my brother married the love of his life. Our family is beyond thankful to have Kirsten part of our family. Kirsten thank you for treating me with so much love and acceptance from day one. I am grateful to have you as a sister. I love you Taylor and thanks to you both for letting me part of your special day. The love between you two is true and here to stay.







Some love stays

And some love goes

But your everlasting love continues to grow.


On the day you met I think you both knew

You had met your forever

Ready to say I do.


Taylor told us what he said the day you met,

“When you marry me,

You’ll get a Tiffany set.”


Now of course this was only a small part of what came along,

And I think you two are perfect for each other

Loving whether right or wrong.


There is no set path on how to love

But I believe you two have something

That is blessed from above.


I watch you both and can see the love in your heart

A love that is deep

And was true from the start.


Kirsten I want to tell you

I’m so thankful you are my new sister

And I will be here through and through.


You are a strong woman, full of grace

Showing your love to all

And of course to Pace.


And Taylor our bickers are becoming a thing of the past

But either way

 We have always had a love that will forever last.


Your life will be filled with love and joy

And Kirsten you are marrying a man

Whose been looking for you since he was a little boy.


You are both loved by many as you can see

And we are all excited to see the loving couple

You will continue to be.


So to both of you I love you more than I can say

And I am beyond thankful

To be taking part in your special day.

Xox Miss






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  • Beautifully done Madison. ♥️ Posted February 15, 2021 5:30 am

    They also will forever be blessed to have you in their lives.

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