The What, Why & How of Organ Donation

The What, Why & How of Organ Donation


What is the need for organ donation? Why is organ donation necessary? How can you become an organ donor?

First off, we are all going to die, we all have organs and none of us can take our organs with us. Those are three inevitable facts of life. However, each one of us has the ability to help the lives of others continue long after we are gone. This can be done by giving the greatest gift- the gift of life. Give this gift and become an organ donor.

According to Canadian Blood Services, Canadians are five to six times more likely to need an organ transplant than to become a deceased organ donor. People die on the waiting list. You can stop this.

As an Ambassador of the Because I Can Project, which advocates for organ donation across Canada, and an organ donor myself, I know the importance of donating. I am going to share:


1) The Need for Organ Donors 

2) How to Register As a Donor

3) Benefits of Donating


1) Why there is a need for organ donors

This is leading to long waiting lists and people left untreated. People die waiting. In 2014, the Alberta Government reported organ donation had dropped over 40% in the last ten years. So, the government launched the Organ Registry program and by 2016, 220,000 Albertans, 5% of the population, had registered. Other provinces have similar programs, with 20% of population registered in BC and 51% in Nova Scotia. The improvement is great, however  there is still a long way to go.

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Fast Stats
  • 4,500 Canadians and over 700 Albertans are on the waiting list (Alberta Health Services)
  • With 4.7 million Albertans and 700 on the waiting list- the list could be abolished if 1 in 6000 people registered.
  • Canadian Blood Services reports 33% of Canadians who need a transplant will never receive one.
  • That means that in a group of three people, one person will not make it.
  • The Canadian Blood Services reports that 250 people on the waiting list die every year.

Clearly there is a problem with lack of organ donation in Alberta. So what can we do about it?

2) How you can fix the problem of low donors in 2 minutes

First off, we all have the ability to become an organ/tissue donor. Which means we all have the power to help increase the number of organ donors and save lives.

Because I Can Project


On the, you can register through  Alberta Healthcare and become an organ donor. This takes 2 minutes of your time. 2 minutes that are equivalent to scrolling through social media or pressing snooze. 2 minutes is nothing in the big scheme of life, but it is everything when it comes to saving  a life



Additionally, by becoming a donor, you can help increase the awareness for others to register. For example, it will be marked on your driver’s license that you are a donor and you can tell others about becoming a donor.

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3) What’s in it for you by becoming a donor?

Lastly, by becoming an organ donor you will have personal satisfaction. As humans, we all have the innate desire to make a difference in the world in some way or another. We want to know that our life has a purpose. By becoming an organ donor, you can do all of these things long after your gone. Your legacy will be everlasting.

According to the Alberta Organ Registry, you can help up to 80 people with a single donation. Your eyes can keep seeing the world through a new perspective. Your heart can keep beating in someone else.Your lungs can give the breath of life to someone in need. There is no gift this powerful.

As well, organ donation helps the community at large. Canadian Blood Services reports, the waiting time for a kidney transplant can range between 1 to 5 years, leading to years of dialysis. Over the next 10 years, $1,025 (million) can be saved in kidney dialysis treatment if the current organ donation can rise by 50%.  This will take a great financial burden off of our healthcare system and allow money to be redirected to other areas in need of assistance.

Lastly, organ donation will benefit your loved ones. It is unfair for your family to make the tough decisions on your behalf in regards to what is going to happen to your body when you die. Instead, register to become a donor and ensure that your wishes are met. Death is already a gruesome time, do not add any more worry to those you love.

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I have shared with you the problem of a lack of organ donation in Alberta, how to solve this problem and the benefits of becoming an organ donor.

The only step left is for you to take is to become a registered organ donor.


Log onto the and in 2 minutes you will be registered to save the lives of many. After all, the greatest gift is the gift of life. Pass on this gift and become an organ donor. After all, you can’t take them with you.

HCM Lifestyle is here to ‘Help us all become a better version of ourselves.’ Let us inspire others and become the best that we can be by helping those around us. Become an organ donor and give the greatest gift you can-the gift of life.



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April is ‘Be A Donor Month.’ Become a donor- you could save a life.


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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg






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