Want to be an Entrepreneur- You Will be Inspired!

Want to be an Entrepreneur- You Will be Inspired by Tracy’s Story


By Tracy Symowoniuk

I think my love for being an Entrepreneur started in East Coulee when I started a lemonade stand and sold shiney Rocks!

How does a Tom Boy, who loved jumping boxcars, jumping off the East Coulee bridge, rode dirt bikes and played football, hockey, and baseball with the boys do what she does today? She was the 9th player on the East Coulee boys hardball team and played in the men’s Slowpitch league. Then she finds herself becoming a Bridal Consultant at age 24 with NO Experience? The only experience she had was getting married a year prior and having to travel all over Alberta to find items to plan her wedding.

Looking FEAR in the EYE…never quitting was Key!!

Forever Yours Bridal Boutique was born. I had a passion for making dreams come true, I had no business experience, but I truly worked hard in learning the skills to become successful. I loved the brides and grads, and them entrusting me with their most special day spoke volumes! I knew I had the entrepreneur heart when the grads came shopping for a wedding gown! I believe in whatever project I have worked on people can genuinely see the passion and effort I put in, always going that extra mile. Learning as I went along and looking FEAR in the EYE…never quitting was Key!!


While operating the Bridal Boutique I had the opportunity to lease a Pub in Rosedale

While operating the Bridal Boutique I had the opportunity to lease a Pub in Rosedale at the same time….Talk about burning the candle at both ends…I loved being in business. Then our family opened our very own pub in Rosedale called Gedo’s……There have been many wonderful memories….the struggles at times were real and I believe these struggles have made me a better person today. You get what you give back. It was time to take a break as an Entrepreneur with a brick and mortar establishment….Yes I felt like I failed but later realized what  valuable lessons I had learned …..Was I a quitter?….Absolutely NOT…my Mom taught me better!! This project might not have worked out but there was absolutely still a twinkle in my eye for Business!! The support from family and friends made this loss bearable.

I worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for 10 years and the two businesses I worked for both closed their doors in Drumheller.

I was introduced to Network Marketing

During this time I was introduced to Network Marketing and Direct Sales, and this absolutely was where my love for business grew. Where can you start with little investment, work flexible part time hours, help others and be paid for my hard work and effort by supporting and encouraging others, no matter what your background? Sharing and spreading the word about an amazing product or company was so cool! If I believed in the product I had no problem putting my name and integrity behind it!

But with my lack of experience in the Industry I got ate up by the sharks on a few occasions…..got taken for $$ $$ but always knew in my heart that I would find the right home. There were opportunities that I gave 110 % only to find the company letting us down. Did this turn me off of Network Marketing? Absolutely not-it just made me want to forge ahead and find that company that would light a fire in my soul.   However, I knew I needed to learn new skills to succeed and find a mentor, one that I still listen to this day is Jim Rohn -Building Your Network Marketing Business and Sonia Stringer of Savvy Network Marketing Women- many blogs to read!



My network has grown over the past 10 years

My network has grown over the past 10 years and many of us still stay in contact today. With many we are like family for sure. Many have gone their seperate way…. I love the feeling that I have helped many women and men find a secondary income, or to replace a full time income or assist in their retirement income. The Potential to help others and to create a lifestyle for my family and theirs is unlimited.


Work from Home

Additionally, I wanted to work from home and opened a little Lash Business…which has been in operation for a year and a half. I have a solid client base and when I introduced a few key retail products into the mix I formed a magicial combination….Lips, Lattes and Lashes.   OMG! Eyes n Lips by Tracy was born. …..So I ultimately had the best of everything-working from home, flexible hours and an upcoming Team of Dynamic Lip Chicks that want more in Life and a Company that can absolutely make that Happen!

SeneGence featuring LipSense is the Real Deal

…. SeneGence featuring LipSense is the Real Deal and when I got my welcome package…and read the Book by owner Joni Rogers Kante…Million Dollar Lips…I got totally excited. I have just celebrated my one year anniversary.

I am absolutely in awe of this companys mission and growth…..

I have a 5 year plan in place for myself and will continue to grow, learn and help others along the way. We don’t drag people along….We watch them take that first step of being the CEO of their own company and guide them along the way.

There will be Highs and Lows and we are there to support each other every step of the way!!!!

Joni Rogers Kante has touched the lives of thousands of women across Canada, Austrailia and the USA     …….SeneGence was founded on the idea to offer superior products and an opporutnity for women to be independent and successful in business regardless of age, background or education.


The companies growth in the past 6 months

The company’s growth in the past 6 months has been mind boggling….There were 35,000 Distributors In January 2016 and only 250 in Canada.   Today there are 168,000 and of those 6,000 in Canada…..Canada has grown 6000% and there are 1000 women a day joining this company.  This explosive growth has created an unbelievable out of stock issue….But did the company close up shop?…NO NO NO…they have been investing millions in infastructure to put systems and manufacturing in place to handle this growth…this is momentum from the ground floor up.

Joni Rogers-Kante has created a culture for Women:


Choose to Live Life in Love and Abundance, then go work for it !!

The Personal Devleopment and Training provided to Women is Priceless……

Oh….and did I mention the 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee….

Joni Rogers-Kante’s Guarantee-I stand behind our Products 100% and guarnatee your skin will look more beautiful in 30 days when using our 24 hour anti-aging skincare and long-lasting color system.


I want to earn your business and provide you with exceptional customer service. I would absolutely love to get together with you and pamper you with a mini spa. Or send you home with a beauty bag to try the Skincare and Cosmetics.

Tracy Will show you many tips so join her team!

PS-There is also room on our Team of Badlands Beauties. If this intrigues you, we can get together for a coffee and see if it’s what you are looking for…no pressure.



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