What Life Is

What Life Is


What is life? This is a big question we all ask. Let’s reflect on what life is and embrace it. We are given one life, so question less, love more, and smile often. Life is inspiring. We can be an inspiration on how we live our life.




Life is a challenge-conquer it

Life is a sorrow-feel it

Life is a tragedy-overcome it

Life is a duty-perform it

Life is a game-play it

Life is a mystery-uncover it

Life is a song-sing it

Life is an opportunity-take it

Life is a journey-enjoy it

Life is an inspiration-reflect it

Life is a promise-fulfill it

Life is a beauty-observe it

Life is a struggle-respect it

Life is a goal-achieve it

Life is a puzzle-solve it

Life is a gift-appreciate it

Life is an adventure-explore it



Life is Inspiring



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By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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