What University Parties Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

What University Parties Taught Me About Entrepreneurship


Written by Kevin Padillo


mount royal university

University. College and School. The home of the high achievers and the place where parties get crashed. I

loved going to school. Mine is called Mount Royal University. Mount Royal had a massive community of

friends who were just like me, young and searching for a defining purpose in life. In this quick article that I

have for you, I want to share with you three key insights on what University Parties taught me about

Entrepreneurship. Enjoy!

Let’s dive in.


1. University is a Large Networking Event


The moment I stepped onto the squeaky floor of Mount Royal University, I walked into a massive crowd of

young millenials, full of energy and half of them were immersed into their iPhones. Faces from all

backgrounds and minds empty and hungry to be filled with knowledge. As I stepped into my first Marketing

Class, the classroom was packed to the teeth. I managed to find a spot in the middle and opened my binder

like an obedient student. I was scared to talk to others in the class and as I built up the courage to do so. I am

grateful that I did.


I realized in almost every class that I attended, I met hundreds and probably thousands of people that had

their own interests and ambitions. People who were just like me, looking for the path to follow. I made a

conscious effort to make friends wherever I went and built connections with people in every Residence party,

in the hallway and even in the washroom! Making an introduction which was terrifying was now effortless for

me and I did it graciously. As I built up my social circle, I was invited to parties inside the Residence Dorms

and even offered to be a President of the Student Association.


Learning Lesson?

Everywhere you go in the University, from the Campus Bar to the Washroom. There are people to connect

with and cultivate relationships that I still embrace to this day.


2. Throwing a Party will challenge your Leadership skills!


(Essential for Entrepreneurs)

“I haven’t even finished my paper…”

“Who cares man, Let’s go to the party and you can finish it tomorrow”

This is a common saying that is said among my group of University friends. The will to study and the power to

party can really pull at a students’ heart. It did for me. Especially when it’s time to have a kickass party!


My experience in University has led me down paths of wanting to be known as the “cool guy.” I placed a

massive importance on building a social life that I didn’t care much about how low my GPA is. My former

group of friends, we called ourselves MRU Sociables (a student ran Marketing Agency that promoted

University’s social life) placed a priority on making things happen, such as a massive Kegger or a Party Bus

to Knoxvilles.


What I learned and discovered was the importance of having strong Leadership skills when you’re having a

party. When there are hundreds of people coming to an event your team organizes, I needed to make sure

our objectives were met. For example, making sure that front desk of the Event is collecting Door Cover,

ensuring the Security Team is ready to break up any fights and even motivating my team to promote our

event by selling tickets! Through this experience, I learned to communicate LOUDLY and CLEARLY,

especially during a loud house party or even making sure the Community Hall Rental space wasn’t destroyed

by 2AM.


Learning Lesson?

Leadership, Communication and Organization Skills can truly be learned through hosting event. Try it out!

This truly tested my Leadership skills.



mount royal university


3. University Parties are fun; however, my vision and mission is


Through all the drunk moments, the bumping and grinding on the Cowboys Dancefloor and screaming at the

Dino’s during the Crowchild Classic, I had a damn good time. I made a countless amount of friends and built

powerful connections throughout the city. I dated a beautiful Latina named Michelle and ate cheap 711 pizza

at ungodly hours of the day.


With all of this amazing experience, I reached a point in my life where the moments felt dull. Moments where I

gave away shots instead of gulping it down my throat, where I went to the gym during the times where I’d be

at the Nightclub, busting a move.


I started to take care of my health. I prioritized my own personal growth and to build my Leadership

Development Organization called Warrior Leadership. I wanted to impact young Leaders instead of getting

them drunk and high. I wanted to invite people to our Leadership Mastermind Classes instead of inviting them

to a House Party. Something switched in my mind…


When I reflect on this sudden change, I am grateful that I experienced all of this. The moments I’ve spent with

my friends and bonding over a cold drink. I realized that I can give myself attention instead of chasing for

people’s approval by having the coolest parties on campus. I became aware of my hunger for change, I

became aware of my drive to build a Strong World. I breathed into that awareness and began to build

the life that I wanted for myself…


Learning Lesson?

The parties are fun; however, when the liquor wears off… What do you have left?


In conclusion, I want you to breathe into these insights. I am no longer a University Student and I am now a

full-time Entrepreneur with Warrior Leadership. I could tell you more about the late nights; however, I’ll save

that for another article.


“I am grateful that I experienced all of this.”



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