Who’s Driving Your Life?

Who’s Driving Your Life?

Who’s Driving Your Life?

Are You A Pedestrian or Driver?

The race of life. Does it sometimes seem like we are all on the Indy 500? Going at full throttle and not looking down?

Life can be fast. Who makes it fast? Is it us or is that just how life is?


race car

You are given one life. We may find ourselves being the driver and pushing ahead to get to the next place. Or we may be an onlooking pedestrian who observes life passing by.

Either way, there are times when you will be a driver and when you will be an onlooking pedestrian.

This is the flow and ebb of life. The mix of standing still and driving is what creates balance.



pedestriansHowever, in both of these positions we need to fully embrace what is happening around us.

A crying child, work deadline, or school final will all bring rushed feelings of anxiety. Yet a stroll with your kids, a laugh with a friend or a night watching your favourite show all bring feelings of ease. Therefore, in different moments you will be driving ahead and in others you will be standing back.


Either way enjoy your position at that time- it’s the place your meant to be.

And remember, life has no speed limit, but you may see more of the little things when you drive slow. Just like a Sunday drive, take it easy!

Are You A Driver or Pedestrian?

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