Wonder Woman From The West

Wonder Woman From The West



This dreamy, multi-talented enthusiastic woman is half Cree on her father’s side and English, Scottish and Slovak on her mother’s side.  Lesia is delighted to be on the cover of I’m Her With Magazine. 

Since I’m Here With Magazine, which sold out in many stores across Canada has helped Lesia deeply focus on her projects with even a more creative streak and has influenced her currant decisions.  She does not take this lightly, knows this is a great opportunity to reach her full potential and goals, by being more assertive in her work. 

“When Jill Maria Robinson, the Creator of the magazine asked me to be on the cover, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Her support she was undeniably generous, loving and loyal.  Jill had a powerful vision, and when she shared it with me I was in. Her vision definitely boosted my confidence by recognizing my talents and my life goals. The combination lead to a trusting friendship and brought out our full potential in every way.”  

Even with Lesia’s unique beauty and unlimited talent, there is still a stereotype of discrimination she says,


“If that’s not discrimination what is it? What category would that be I asked myself? Seriously, I was shocked by this, as an ACTOR I am an individual, a person, not a category.   Your skills are overlooked, you want to be noticed for the work you put into a career than has spanned 35 years.  It would appear no one looks at the history of what one does to thrive at maintaining to be their best.  It’s a major loss they ignore. There are many actors in this situation who feels this same way.  For myself I have learned to thrive on positive common sense and have adopted a more cautious and judicious attitude in everything I do now. When you have people who are honest, reliable and show solidity this will make you feel more secure. This is a key factor in one’s life and goals.”

Lesia has this amazing ability to be incredibly honest and openly admits she is extremely too trusting and open hearted, that it caused her to make generous sacrifices that has hurt her terribly.  These mistakes have made her learn to be more constructive in situations, so they don’t become complications. 

Lesia’s determination is that of a warrior. She has had a lifetime of experience in guardianship of truth and safety for not only our indigenous people across the nation, wanting this for all nations. Lesia is not only a visionary, but an empath, who has great honor and respect that the truth be respectfully told, healed and empowered through cultural revival, safety and protection of our sacred Earth Mother and the creation of all life. 


“Her vision definitely boosted my confidence by recognizing my talents and my life goals. The combination lead to a trusting friendship and brought out our full potential in every way.” 


Lesia has devoted this in her writings, screenplays and teachings on specific subjects that are dear to her. One is Elder Abuse. 

“I grew up in a nursing home; my Grandmother was a nurse, she was attentive and loving to her patient’s. We also took care of her mother, our Great Grandmother. Grandma taught us how to care for her at a young age by reading and showing pictures from her medical book which I still have to this day.  The research I’ve done about senior abuse astonishes me, it’s a horrible world epidemic. I don’t understand it?  We all know abuse is wrong. When we have sensitive issues that were never dealt with, it affects our lives, work and relationships.  I remember I wasn’t happy when I was young I had to go see a therapist to deal with some issues, but I am glad I did, or there would be major concerns in my life today.  I still need to work on them every day. I am glad I chose a worldly artistic life, my acting, and my writing. It helped me stay open to learning, be supportive, loving and vent my sympathetic emotions to help others see their potential.  Working on this script has been eye opening.”    


The will and knowledge to succeed drives Lesia, and the teachings passed down by many magnificent Elders and Medicine women and men who mentored Lesia and has helped in her ongoing research. They have taught her to recreate a new order; to be a beacon fostering creativity in her recombined ideas by passing on information, sharing, writing, directing and teachings; to consciously reconnect into a new sequence for us to produce a new way of truly thinking of being proud of who we are, to exercise powerful courage to hook our full potential and unhook prejudices letting go of old hurtful ways and generate healthy new ones; to channel clarity, beauty and love within ourselves and stay connected to Mother Earth and Nature that was given unconditionally to us to care for.

“We can all have self-doubt, but do not underestimate your gifts and the powerful visions you have – Thanks to Jill’s VISION for I’m Here With – the magazine has helped not only myself, but everyone in it. That it true authentic kindness that demonstrates her love and attention to detail for everyone’s career.  Sincerely from my heart to yours Jill, thank you.”  

To learn more about Lesia T. Bear visit www.lesiatbear.com – Instagram Lesia T. Bear – IMDB Lesia Bear  


Ann Fritz is Lesia T. Bear Manager call at 1-403-860-83-14 or email ann.fritz @shaw.ca        

Written By Ann Fritz


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